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Our objetive

It is to promote the culture, business opportunities and tourist attractions of both continents.

Our mission

To be a bridge between the Argentine Republic and the People's Republic of China to promote cooperation at an economic, cultural, academic and tourist level, which collaborates with a sustainable bilateral development.

Our vision

We are an international reference channel in the bilateral relationship between Latin America and Asia, our strength is to know in depth the bilateral cooperation between the Argentine Republic and the People's Republic of China.

Teaores is an international consulting firm, legally incorporated in a public limited company in the Argentine Republic, we have headquarters in Argentine Patagonia, Buenos Aires and Beijing.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of relations between Asia and Latin America.

It was many years of work in relation to different aspects that motivated us to create a strategic bridge for bilateral integration between Argentina and the People’s Republic of China.

Relations between China and Argentina have intensified over the years, in this sense we understand that they are two totally complementary economies, we see many opportunities that open up in all fields and it is necessary to articulate experience, knowledge and virtues of our professionals with the needs of our clients, for the purpose of efficient collaboration.

A team of passionate professionals

We elaborate, develop and execute in a comprehensive way the Internationalization and Foreign Trade Plan that your business needs.

We adapt 100% to the particularities and situation of your project, helping you in any of the phases of the process or carrying out the plan in a comprehensive way from the beginning.

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