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Language Translation

Spanish, Chinese and English, in all types of projects, such as engineering, employment relationship, architecture, commercial contracts, and investments.


In logistics in national and international storage management as well as device and consultancy in foreign trade, we offer our clients all the experience of our team of professionals

Importer and Exporter

We help you to easily solve all the operational procedures related to importing and exporting, providing advice on customs regulations.

Big Data and Data Analysis

When we talk about Big Data, we refer to data sets or combinations of data sets whose size, complexity and speed of growth make it difficult to capture, manage, process or analyze them using conventional technologies and tools.

Artificial intelligence

Generate explainable, scalable and high-impact solutions to promote AI transformation in Latin American organizations

5G Connectivity

Technological evolution occurs at an increasingly accelerated rate, driven by the needs of the users themselves. These advances generate productive, inclusive and improvement advantages of social functioning from the point of view of the digitization of the economy, knowledge and institutions.

Juridical services

We have a large buffet of highly experienced lawyers at your disposal.

Software and Development and Data Processing

We provide all kinds of integral solutions in software systems.


We provide integral solutions in everything related To transportation services, both for people and good, urban and interurban, national and international in all means of transport.

Real Estate

We have a large team of the specialists in the field, who provide the client with a pleasant and formal experience in everything related to real estate: purchase, sale, urbanization of lots, country clubs, subdivisions and parcelling of any lind Of real estate.

Operation and Administration of Warehouses and Goods

Receiving, storing and delivering merchandise in own or third party warehouses.

Renting Of Machinery

Renting of all types of machinery and/or vehicles owned by The company or third parties.


Exploitation of all agricultural activities in general, both of agro-livestock and forestry establishment, as well as the production of types of cereal, oilseed, grain, pasture, etc. Exploitation of the slaughtering activity, fractioning, sale, transportation, marketing and distribution of slaughtered meat from cattle, bovine porcine livestock.

Manufacture and Sale of Merchandise and Machinery

We manufacture and sell merchandise an machines or their parts wholesale and retail. We manufacture and reporta not only car bodies for motor vehicles but also trailers trailers, semi-trailer and the like.


Capital contribution to or stock purchase from any company, loan grants , purchase, sale and negotiation of securities, leasing contracts.


We have extensive experience and knowledge in management, projects, studies and works of electricity, gas, infrastructure and technology, both in the public and private sectors, offering a full range of consulting services. All this directed by experts with great leadership capacity of multidisciplinary teams that allow us to provide solutions with high added value, providing technology and innovation in various fields and business sectors.

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